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NRUBISS Ch Mikozi Deja Vu (AI) ET TD


Esme with M Perdigao winning RUBISS 2012 National

Date of Birth: 9 June 2007
Sire: Dual National Winner MBISS Ch Marsabit Mfumo
Dam: BISS/MRUBISS Ch Balnacoin Burnt Toffee ET
Hips: 3:3 = 6
Elbows: 0:0
Tested 'Clear' for Degenerative Myelopathy
Carrier of Brown Nose Gene: Yes

Below photo at 2 years

Mikozi Deja Vu Esme Stacked

Esme 4 months

October 2012

Esme wins "Runner Up Best in Show" at the biggest RR National ever held in Australia (breed entry of 284), under breed specialist Judge In-coelum Perdigao

Esme wins "Intermediate in Show" at the RR Club of Victoria specialty, under breed specialist Mr C Heathcock (USA).  Esme was recently awarded the prestigious "Best Ridge" award at the 2008 RR Club of South Australia Specialty Champ Show.

At just three weeks over the required minimum age of two years, Esme obtained her Endurance Title.

At six years of age, Esme obtains her "Tracking Dog" title, passing the three tracking tests at first attempt.

Esme is rarely unplaced at RR Specialty Shows....

Baby Puppy in Show : 2007 RRCSA Specialty Champ Show
Mr D Miller, USA

2nd, Junior Bitch Class
:  2008 RRCSA Specialty Champ Show
Ms J Treiber, USA

Intermediate in Show  :  2009 RRCV Specialty Champ Show
Mr C Heathcock, USA

3rd (14 entered), Intermediate Bitch Class :  2009 RRCQ Specialty Champ Show
Mrs J Parker, UK

2nd, Intermediate Bitch Class :  2009 RRCSA Specialty Champ Show
Mrs J Benson-Lidholm, Australia

4th (from 14 entries) Intermediate Bitch Class : 2010 9th RR National
Mr G Eva, South Africa
Excellent balance and overall profile.  Well defined ridge with arch and castles in line.  Good width and length.  Good expression and well formed head.  Movement true and powerful.

3rd in Australian Bred Bitch Class : 2011 RRCSA Specialty Champ Show
Mrs Dawn Redman, Australia
Feminine bitch of good substance with pleasing head. Pro sternum evident in front when viewed side on. Clean parallel lines when viewed from the front and good fill of forechest. Strong topline and good depth of chest. Good length of neck flowing into well laid shoulders, correct ratio and balance between front and rear angles. Clean up and back and covers the ground nicely on side gait.

2nd (from 8 entries) Australian Bred Bitch Class
: 2012 RRCSA Specialty Champ Show
Sir A Trollope, Australia




  ~ Photo Gallery ~


  • Esme's ridge
    Esme's ridge
  • Esme (2 years)
    Esme (2 years)
  • Esme (2010)
    Esme (2010)
  • Esme & Demi
    Esme & Demi
  • Helping to clean up ?!?
    Helping to clean up ?!?
  • Esme & Marge
    Esme & Marge
  • Afternoon nap .. Demi &
    Afternoon nap .. Demi &
  • Esme - 3 months
    Esme - 3 months
  • Esme's sire, Hogan
    Esme's sire, Hogan